Lessons Never Learnt

April 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

Well I’m pissed….

Yesterday I met a pretty cute and decent human being, who turned out to be a typical douche. He was a promoter at a club my friends and I went to (yeah so he was from a club, what should I expect yeah?) , and he was friendly and normal throughout the beginning of the night. To prove how he was a decent human, when loose drunk girls threw themselves on him, he just brush them off, doing the minimum to entertain them as per his job.

SO when he came onto me, I didn’t think he was that bad. We ended up kissing, and he was decent enough not to grope me. And each time we were on the dance floor, he would stand next to me, with his arm around my waist.

I mean what does that look like to you? That he was at least somewhat interested right?

Well, it turns out that he was somewhat interested in other girls too that night, and the best part of it all was that he may have came onto me and kissed me, but he asked the other girl for her number. My pride was perpetually hurt from being the girl you use and toss.

And it wasn’t till later when I saw he left a hickey on upper neck.

I mean who leaves anyone a hickey these days??? What are we? 12??? Whats worse was when I texted him,” You left me a hickey?????” , which he replied,”Oh Yeah sorry about that”.

I mean come on, I have work, why brand me a slut? And I’m not some toy to throw a corner when you’re done playing with. You have those drunk loose girls, who were more than willing to fuck you ( I have to admit he was pretty good looking). I mean I’m not a desperate slut who threw herself onto him, why play with me?

Now that I think about it, I don’t know who I’m more pissed at, the guy for being a stereotypical male chauvinist, or at myself, for putting myself in such a compromising position (especially since I’m 21 and should have gotten my shit together by now). To add to the long list of regrets, I BROKE my promise to myself that I wouldn’t kiss another guy while I had my braces on (A promise I kept for 2 WHOLE FUCKING YEARS).

I may be vexed by him, but i’m plainly disappointed in myself. For everything above, but mostly for thinking this guy from a club would be different from any other time. That I offered the milk before he even considered to purchase the cow ( wow that analogy). You would think after going through this time and time again, I would have learnt my lesson. But I guess some lessons I’ll never learn.

God, I can’t wait to be famous and write this all in my best selling novel.





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