Guiding Principles to being a proper adult

March 11, 2015 § Leave a comment

2014 I wished to be in control of my life. To be a proper adult.

I refused to date, get recklessly drunk and the idleness of lazing around seemed meaningless to me.

But nothing ever goes as planned, now do they?

Though I stuck to the ‘guiding principles’ I laid out for myself during 2014, it was the shittiest year I ever experienced in my mere 20 years. The more I tried to stay in control, the more heaven decides to shit on me.

Every time I tried to get get back on my feet, something else comes by and knocks me down. Be it shitty friends, failed classes, self-esteem issues- my whole world was collapsing. It was like fucking Murphy Law.

But, in a way, I did become an adult. I lost the sense of innocence and naivety every child shared.

And most of all, even though times got rough, I stuck to my lame principles, never giving in to temptation.

So I AM thankful for 2014 though, I realised that without isolating myself and learning how to be independent, I never would have washed my misshaped past behind me. Memories are just memories to me now. No emotions attached.

The most valuable lesson learnt through 2014- Life goes on, so let it go.



p.s yes that was Robert frost.

p.p.s and frozen.


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