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July 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

-I feel as though everything is a mess and my life is a complete disgrace.-

Well I feel like shit.

So far this entire year had been a major fuckity fucking joke. It’s like fucking Murphy’s Law. Whenever something bad happens, oh no, no good ever comes back. Things just keeps getting worse and worse, and I can only keep my head up for so long.
For instance I not only just broke my earpiece but I broke my phone screen, found out my friend betrayed me, no longer close with my bestfriend, everyone in my class thinks I’m a hotheaded douche, I failed my driving, lost 3 sunglasses, getting C average in classes and I’m getting fat. All these and it’s only been half a year.

To add on to that, recently, I was just socializing with some random people at a party, when one of the guys asked me,” so tell me about yourself”.

And I had no answer.

Other than the typical ASL, I had NOTHING I can say about myself.

I have no achievements, no commitment to anything, nothing about me ever stands out. I’m a wallflower and not the very literal freak one either.

It’s no wonder people get bored of me so easily.
I feel utterly disappointed in myself. I’ve spent 19 years on this earth and I’ve yet to accomplished anything but get fat.

But I’m not going to stay in this misery for long. I’m going to get out there, and take up boxing, study like a dog if I must to pull my grades up and buy a new earpiece.

Maybe then when someone asks me to tell them about myself, I’ll have something to say.


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