Reminder to self:

April 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

– To be the best you can ever be today, tomorrow and forever.
– Never let anyone’s harsh words bring you down.
– To stay super fit, get clearer skin and glossy hair to prove those mother tuckers that you AREN’T wasting what god had given to you.
– Never give up.
-stay true to your dreams and be happy.


The great perhaps

April 16, 2014 § Leave a comment

“If you’re eyes could speak what would they say.”

Today I flew up to the skies
Soaring and gliding through the aimless purple abyss
Arms out wide, absorbing the mist, the fog-

the universe.

Today I flew above the clouds
Nothing but the glistening stars against the velvet set
And the moon
Ah the moon
The moon shone like it owned the sky, the night
Buts most of all: me

Today I flew and experienced love
Through the silver sparks against my midnight blues
Through the misted plastic sheet, separating me from the splendidness
The blinking signal at the tip of the areoplane
Through the stillness of space itself
And in that precious moment I saw
I saw the peace it brought, and boy was I stunned

Today I flew amongst the stars
and breathed in the great perhaps
with my own eyes

Today I saw one of the most beautiful thing ever and I feel shit for not noticing it before.
I flew on a midnight flight and for the first time ever- despite always flying- I saw how the magnificent night sky’s beauty was so preciously contained.
It was like an unexplainable feeling that I felt;
Like finding that rare big juicy oysters at a all you can eat mediocre buffet or singing along to your favorite touching love ballet and making that angst face at that one part because you just have to if not it wouldn’t be singing to that song at all then.

This must be how it felt to stargaze like they did in the past( my ancestors had it all man).
The poem itself cannot justify what I saw-it does satisfy the feeling- and most of all felt because I fell in love with what I saw and more so with what it meant.
I fell in love with the idea that there is an eternal out there.
A fairy pool of shimmery lights and bright eyes girls.
An indefinite.
And that is my great perhaps.
I can see the city lights as we now descend.
The plane would land soon and before the pesky flight attendant comes and ask me to put my device away and buckle up,I’m going to soak in the goodness of my midnight sky and appreciate the small things.
PS quote at the top was from book thief.
PPS I will paint what I saw and post it here to help with the visual interpretation because the poem isn’t justifiable.
ppps I did paint it but it wasn’t as splendid as what I saw so I’m still contemplating whether to post it. Hmmmm


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