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October 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

It’s 4 am and I just reached home cause I’ve been clubbing yo.
Aha not that you needed to know that, just that its part of the story.
Okay! Sooo my night( or morning) ended shitty because the club was bad. Music sucked, people sucked, my friends weren’t enjoying themselves, etc etc
-just a quicky side note, I don’t club to ‘get’ guys or whatever parents had depicted clubbing to be. I just enjoy the music, dance and get to spend time with my friends, whilst pushing every guys hand that touches me occasionally. Clubbing ( or more like dancing) is actually more fun this way. –
So my friend and I left, and being the cheapos we were, we decided to NOT call a cab but walk out of the isolated place we were in and get a cab. Little did we know we were going to get lost and further from the exit. Oh yeah, good time now to point out the club was away from the ‘mainland’. Like away from civilization.
We really had no clue how to walk out much less have the strength to. (Dancing really takes a toll on the body)
All of a sudden a shiny white car drove out from its secret lair and was coming right at us. So I stuck my fat left thumb out and smiled -with all the hope and glee I could muster at that moment- at our glimmer of hope when the car begin to slow down at us.
Yeah basically I hitched a ride.
But it’s not so much the ride, its the experience. I have never hitched a ride before so this was MY experience. And that made me realize how this year alone I have done so many crazy stuff I used to wistfully dream about.
So many I can’t keep count.
And all this because I begin not to care of what society thinks of me or how I dress or how I acted.
Not saying I dress like a slut or act like a retard just saying that I’m no longer self conscious of every single action I do and for once in my life stopped posing.
And now I get to do the things I once could only dream of. Why? Because I grew a pair of balls( not literally) and had an open mind and willingness to try new things.
I feel happier than I have ever been.
In fact I feel infinite.


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