Do you need a ladder?

February 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

I’m back! After a short break from blogging.
As of right now, I’m jobless, boyfriendless and all of my friends had ditched me for their jobs. I have like another 2 months before school starts and this is NOT how I imagine my break to be; staying home playing sims:/. ( okay only did that for like 2 weeks so far)
And that is only the first problem.
Despite already having realised what a loser I am that I stay home almost everyday for 2 weeks, it dawn onto me that it has been 3 months since school end and I have yet to find that significant other. It wouldn’t be so bad if I was at least dating but I’m not! I’m starting to lose my touch( if I ever had it). To fully emphatize with me, you have to know I promised myself not to date till school ends… Anddd it has ended.
See, losing my touch.
Like seriously I feel real pathetic right now. I tell myself I’m focusing on being me- rediscovering myself- when in actual fact( as I realised just before finding the urge to blog) I have too much time being me that I need other things to just come into my life and give me the drama I need now.
TO TOP IT OFF, my dad just won’t stop breathing down my neck. Tomorrow I’m finally meeting some friends of mine after like forever, and he was interrogating me! And he just assumed I’ll be out late doing what? Prostituting myself?!
The best thing was that I’m just going to her house! In the afternoon!
And it’s not like I go out dressing like a slut, so I have no idea how he got to thinking like that.
Yeah okay I do go out late sometimes, but I’m 18! Not 11.. I know how to take care of myself alright.
And this wasn’t the first time he’s doing this, it’s just the moment where I finally cracked.
Arghh, I need that annoying saying in Dragon Age ( you know the ‘ do you need a ladder? To get off my back’) on repeat. 24/7. Well, at least when he’s around. It’s like I have no personal space anymore.
And when I do go out late I dread coming home because I know he’ll immediately assume and start interrogating me to death. WHICH MAKES ME WANT TO GO HOME EVEN LATER.
Not only does he assumes I’m up to no good, he doesn’t believed me when I tell the truth.
For instance, few nights ago I said I’m going out and he OUT OF NOWHERE said I had to be home by 10. I’m fucking 18. I had been out later than that when I was younger. So I ignored that and told my mom I’ll be home late(which she was cool about). So I came home that night at bout 1am( Which isn’t all that bad compared to the timing my brother usually comes back by)and I made my way back to my Room quietly, changed washed my face and hopped into my bed. AND THEN HE came into my room and started asking a bunch of questions. I didn’t want to piss him off so I just answered them. He was like what mode of transport did you come back by? And I was like bus( WHICH IS TRUE) and he was like don’t lie, who sent you home.
For him it would probably a glory moment, thinking he’s a good dad because he caught me in a lie but OH THE IRONY,I WASN’T LYING. Unless you’re to tell me the journey back home was a lie. And also that makes him a bad dad for not believing in his daughter.

I’m fuming mad right now I can’t even fall asleep.
Not to mention just now I turned the lights off in my room at about 10 and he shouted, like really shouted across the rooms,” why you going to sleep so early?”
It’s one think to be protective and worry about you’re daughter coming home late but that just crossed the line into being overprotective.
And very annoying.
He needs to get off my back. Pronto. Before I do anything drastic.

OO,(saving my kisses)

1nov2014- lol I was such a geek. And my dad’s not as bad as before.


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