Baby It’s cold inside

January 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

So it’s 6/7am and I’m up. At my friends chalet. After 3 hrs of sleep. And I have to go to work later on.
Well, on the brightside I’m eating cold pizza.🍕
So why the hell am I up right now?!
I was sleeping on the end of a king size bed,next to the wall,( oh right we’re sleeping lopsided.) with 5 other people.
And to add on to the little space available for me to sleep, we shared a dover and like anyone at the end of the bed, the dover got snatched away.


My bare newly shaven legs was shivering so badly.( okay I might be exegerating here a tad bit)
And to top it all off, my friend sleeping next to me was SNORING. INTO MY DAMN EAR.
I don’t really understand why, but I can’t sleep when people around me snore. It’s something bout the uneasy breathing that sends me into a fritz.
So being squash and wide awake, I decided to get up, pee, try sleeping sitting up and after ALL that I went to get pizza. Best decision for today.
Zzzz,( because I am sleepy so it’s ironic. Laugh.)
Anonymity girl
P.s i know, bad pun on my favorite Christmas song.

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